Artificial Grass: Saving Water Statewide

Keep California Green Through the Extreme Drought

Drought Tolerant Artificial Grass

According to the weekly update (The State of California, 2022), California is experiencing its third drought of the century. More importantly, it’s facing a third consecutive year of an “extreme” drought. There are several issues California has faced due to water shortages that will continue to prove problematic. 

As the state continues to deal with rising temperatures, Californians believe they will see an extended fire season. La Nina conditions are also expected to continue through the winter season. The State of California (2022) has stated, “Our climate has changed” in their latest water supply strategy

With the future of California looking hot & dry, it’s important to know how to help conserve our water sources. The state is currently working on managing usage of the Colorado river basin. This water source is known to supply “roughly a third of all water for Southern California cities and suburbs”(PPIC 2018).  

The government has discussed several plans to make sure everyone has access to safe water. But what can the average homeowner do to cut down on a residential level to aid the water crisis? 

Landscape Irrigation

According to Hodel & Pittenger (2015), “landscape irrigation is estimated to account for about 50% of annual residential water consumption statewide” (p. 3). Their report clearly states that residential water use is only a small portion of the water scarcity problem. However, it’s still clear that the average homeowner in California spends most of their water on landscaping. 

There are many ideas the average homeowner can try to limit their use of water for their lawn. Hodel & Pettinger (2015) talk about avoiding woody plants and groundcovers by sticking to your typical grass landscape. They also mention limiting lawn areas to surfaces meant for play, exercise, and walking. 

As a homeowner you can also follow the University of California’s Lawn Watering Guide. The guide goes over three steps of how you can determine the amount of water you need for your lawn. By following these three steps you can continue watering your landscape without wasting too much water. 

Trying to lower your impact of water stress can come with a lot of math when following water guides. Luckily, there’s amazing alternatives to having grass lawns like artificial grass.

The Artificial Alternative

With water security in mind, choosing to install artificial turf is the eco-friendly thing to do. Using synthetic grass as an alternative to natural grass means you don’t have to use precious water resources. Your lawn will stay green year around, needing only the occasional hose-down to stay fresh. 

Artificial grass installation lowers maintenance costs without losing the aesthetic of green lawns throughout the state. Home or business, synthetic turf is a great alternative to real grass for Californians across the state. 

When choosing an alternative for your lawn, you want a high-quality synthetic grass product. Anyone can use fake grass to landscape. However, at Southwest Greens of Bakersfield, we offer quality turf products that are safe for the whole family. 

Saving More Than Just Water

You save more than just water when choosing our artificial turf products. Landscaping with synthetic grass fibers lowers lawn maintenance by erasing the need for fertilizer or mowing. This means our products are especially safe and beneficial for anyone with allergies. 

Our synthetic grass is also built to last through heavy foot traffic and play. The durable synthetic fibers are perfect for pets and kids who are known to tear up lawns. Our products can also be installed with shock absorption pads and cushions to ease falls in play areas

We also offer products built with  Hydrachill™ technology to keep surface temperatures cool throughout the inland heat. Your friends and family can safely play on our turf year around without worrying about burns. 

All these features make our synthetic turf the ideal solution to the extreme drought.

Eco-Friendly & Sacrifice Free

Aside from the clear environmental and safety benefits, artificial landscapes offer a fun, personalized experience. When your average person thinks about being eco-friendly, they usually consider the sacrifices that have to be made. Choosing to use artificial grass is both eco-friendly and fun. 

You’ll lose the lawn maintenance of your patchy, natural grass and you’ll have fun designing your new landscape. Our turf installers offer you several options for artificial grass and even provide an eco-friendly landscaping sample. The drought-tolerant choice lets you give your lawn personality without the upkeep. 

Southwest Greens of Bakersfield even offers backyard putting green  installation. The putting greens can be wrapped around a play area for the kids or strategically placed around your pet area. With our custom artificial turf installation, the options are endless. 

With the drought in mind, installing artificial turf is both eco-friendly and fun. Synthetic grass will help you save water, lower maintenance costs, and let you personalize your lawn. From play areas to pet areas Southwest Greens has you covered. 


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