Pet Turf Installation in Bakersfield, CA

Southwest Greens of Bakersfield

Southwest Greens of Bakersfield Offers Artificial Grass Installations for Pet Areas

Artificial Pet Turf Gives Dogs the Perfect Place to Run and Play / Dogs Play in Bakersfield, CA on Artificial Grass Thanks to a Pet Turf Installation from Southwest Greens

Our artificial pet grass is the perfect fit for pets of all kinds in Bakersfield. For artificial turf Bakersfield, CA residents love, turn to Soutwest Greens. Our synthetic grass products require little-to-no maintenance to retain their perfect look and feel year-round. Let pets enjoy the freedom and fun of a customized pet-proof yard! If you want to give your pet a special treat or are just looking to upgrade your outdoor space, call Southwest Greens today to make it happen!

Southwest Greens creates all our products using the finest artificial turf the industry has to offer. Our artificial grass is made with top best quality 7600 denier polypropylene synthetic grass fibers that provide durable, lifelike quality. We are proud to offer residents of Bakersfield artificial pet grass that offer an ultra-realistic look and feel, as well as the highest level of quality for a long-lasting installation!

Benefits of Bakersfield CA Artificial Grass Installations Include but are Not Limited to:

Synthetic turf for pets is great for: entire backyards, small, contained dog areas, areas with hard to grow conditions. Bakersfield, CA artificial grass for pets allows pet owners more opportunity to enjoy their pets rather than spending time maintaining natural grass. Don't be frustrated with your pet - enjoy your pet!

Why should I choose Southwest Greens for my pet?

Customer Satisfaction is Our Number One Priority

Southwest Greens stands by its products and installation with exceptional customer service. We provide a fifteen-year limited warranty on our products and a workmanship warranty that far exceeds the industry norm.

Southwest Greens Offers More Than 20 Years of Installation Experience

Southwest Greens has been installing and engineering turf for over 20 years. Our research and development of turf systems including Pet Turf Systems is a leader in Pet Turf Systems. Our experienced installers have mastered the art of synthetic grass installation and will work to find the right pet solution for you.

Our Pet Turf is 100% Safe for Pets of All Shapes and Sizes

Using synthetic grass avoids exposing pets to harmful fertilizer and chemicals often found in natural grass, and the very nature of our products eliminates itching and sneezing associated with real grass. Fleas, ticks and bugs are also kept away with synthetic lawns.

Synthetic Pet Turf Rids Yards of Yellow, Dead Spots!

Synthetic grass will not leave unsightly, yellow dead spots. Topical antimicrobial applications are available to help eliminate bacteria and avoid odors from urine and solid waste. The usual clean-up is made easier with synthetic lawn. If necessary, rinsing from a garden hose takes care of most issues. Muddy paws are eliminated by the clean nature of synthetic turf.

Southwest Greens Offers Bakersfield, CA Artificial Grass Products Throughout Central California

Our service areas include but are not limited to: Your Dogs Will Love Their Pet Turf Installation from Southwest Greens of Bakersfield / Dogs Run on Artificial Turf in Bakersfield, CA After a Pet Turf Installation from Southwest Greens

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At Southwest Greens of Bakersfield, we exceed every expectation of our customers. Our attention to detail and quality workmanship is undoubtedly a huge reason why we're a leader in the industry! With the knowledge and dedication of our suppliers, Southwest Greens of Bakersfield can offer high quality, state-of-the-art turf!

No matter the space or vision in mind, Southwest Greens of Bakersfield can help you achieve your goal! With our excellent design creativity, we can use artificial turf to build a pet paradise in your own backyard! Call us today and let your pet start enjoying the freedom and fun of a customized pet turf installation from Southwest Greens of Bakersfield!

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