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Do you enjoy looking out your window and seeing a beautiful, lush expanse of thick, green grass surrounding your home or business? Sure, who doesn’t, but who wants to spend too much time and money on creating, maintaining and worrying about a healthy lawn? In addition to mowing, watering and weeding, you also have to make sure your lawn has the support of fertile soil as well.

Who needs the hassle and expense? Installing artificial grass at your home in Bakersfield is far more cost-effective in the long term and provides you with a beautiful, green lawn all year long. Best of all, synthetic turf requires almost no maintenance to stay lush and full.

Let Artificial Grass Make Your Bank Account Green Again and Your Home or Business Even Greener

Today’s synthetic turf so closely resembles real grass that you might forget it isn’t real grass and wonder when the last time you had to mow! Imagine how much money you can save in just six months by replacing your lawn with artificial grass. No more:

  • Buying mowers, maintaining mowers or purchasing gas to power them
  • Mowing every six hours at the peak of growing season
  • Using a noisy, unwieldly edger to prevent weeds from camouflaging your driveway and sidewalks
  • Watering the lawn when the weather decides to be bright and sunny for a whole month
  • Watching your lawn turn yellow and die in obnoxious, unsightly patches
  • Spraying pesticides and herbicides to stop bugs and weeds from trashing your lawn
  • Spreading fertilizer just to keep your grass as green as your neighbor’s grass

Why should anybody want to spend their money and time on things that don’t need to be done? We all have better things to do with our money and time and your Bakersfield synthetic turf company is here to make sure you keep all that time and money you’ve wasted on your yard from now on.

You can put an end to your feverish (and expensive) quest for the perfect lawn right now with a simple call to Southwest Greens of Bakersfield. Whether you want to replace a high-maintenance lawn for your home or business, we are the synthetic turf service you need to put an end to unnecessary expenses related to lawn upkeep. Call us at (661) 834-7888 or contact us online today to learn more about the benefits and cost savings of synthetic turf.