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Artificial Grass: Saving Water Statewide

Keep California Green Through the Extreme Drought

Drought Tolerant Artificial Grass

According to the weekly update (The State of California, 2022), California is experiencing its third drought of the century. More importantly, it’s facing a third consecutive year of an “extreme” drought. There are several issues California has faced due to water shortages that will continue to prove problematic. 

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Affordability shows itself in a number of different ways at Southwest Greens

We know that there are many ‘would-be’ artificial grass owners who have long considered undertaking an installation at their home, only to talk themselves out of it for fear of the cost being prohibitive. Sadly, many of them have reached this conclusion without truly looking into the costs as well as the benefits. Our goal is to design and create unique artificial grass installations for clients throughout the Bakersfield area, and to do so in affordable fashion. Continue reading

We are committed to making the design and installation process a collaborative one

Each and every time we transform a backyard for one of your Bakersfield friends or neighbors, the process is different yet the same. The difference lies in the fact that each design and installation is unique, and is based on the tastes and vision of the client as well as the available space. What remains the same, however, is that each design and installation is a collaborative effort between our experts and the client. Continue reading